Mind Games

In just an hour I get to go & do my Ashtanga practice. One minute I’m thinking it’s going to be soo rejuvenating to sweat myself through all the asanas. The next minute I’m thinking that maybe Im too sore from my Saturday practice….(it’s Tuesday). And the following minute I’m back on my yoga high.

Does your mind play tricks on you when you are waiting to go & do your practice? I wish I could just switch channel at times like we do on TV – where I would stop thinking about all the hundred excuses my mind will come up with before I finally put my shoes on & grab my mat.

I know that once I am in class I will feel so good & tell myself that I need to go & practice on a daily basis.

However, once I’m back home & take off those shoes my mind is back in “couch” mode. It’s a good thing I started blogging…just writing this made me have a yoga high for a few minutes.

Now I just got 40 minutes to go…let’s see how many highs & lows of excuses my mind will come up with before I can head out…


2 thoughts on “Mind Games

  1. It’s crazy and interesting how much I relate to your experiences with life, baby, and yoga. But you articulate it so nicely and always with a positive twist. Namaste! πŸ™‚

    • Aww thank you lots Sahar!πŸ’– Do you have a blog too? If soo I would love to follow you as well! If you would have meet me a few years ago I would maybe not have had the same positive spin on things. I think the positivity has come with both age, yoga & increased self awareness. Of course not every day is a sunny & shiny day….especially not with motherhood & learning the ins & out of our precious little babies. But I try to keep a positive outlook on life as much as I can😊

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