Progress & Patience

The clock is ticking….tick tock tick tock….what should mama do?!? Just a week ago I was wondering if I ever would be able to get my “freedom” back of at least be able to find an hour of time for me to do my yoga & sun salutations. Now I am sitting here waiting for my little man to wake up. I guess I am not used to having him sleep for 3 hours all by himself. I love his presence  & happy little spirit.

It is all about patience, both in yoga, motherhood and in life. I still haven’t been able to master the pincha pose 100%. I was able to do it in the park for just a few seconds last week, which I don’t really count….I am looking forward to the day when I can replace my headstands with a real pincha!

2010-07-16 05.46.11-2

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