Held or not being held…

Time is just flying by and my beautiful little son is now already 2 months. He has grown out his first pair of onesies. He shines up my morning with a beautiful smile. He doesn’t fuzz much at all. We wake up once a night for a nighty night snack and then go back to sleep.

The only “problem” is that he sleeps in our bed. For us it’s not a problem but it seems to be a problem for everybody else. Another “problem” is that he likes to be held a lot. I think he still haven’t got used to being outside of living the belly life at times, which I totally understand & I actually enjoy holding my little monkey child.

The only “problem” I have with the above “problem” is that everyone loves to give an advice of us having a problem in the future as we now are spoiling our 2 month old with giving in on the baby sleeping in our bed & being held throughout the day. But what I noticed is that my baby doesn’t cry, nor fuzz very much and is always said to look content.

And on top of it every one says that I am blessed with such a calm baby….But on the other hand I get the advice that it is ok to let him cry….because he needs to sleep in his own bed & not be held too much.

So why would I want to change something that makes my baby calm, happy & content to something that will create tension, tears & anxiety.

And why would I want to walk around and make a change for something that has not happened yet & worry about a future that hasn’t existed.

These are my 2 cents that I have built up during these past few weeks & I have now decided that I will never give advice or stick my nose in someone else’s baby. Each parent has their own comfort, care and technique in how they raise their child & baby.

Now I’m off to snuggle & hold my little monkey child.



7 thoughts on “Held or not being held…

  1. My daughter is 8 months old. I would not change the co-sleeping for anything. I know she’s safe and happy. She does sleep in her crib part of the night but when she wakes she comes in with us. It makes it so much easier to feed her too.
    As far as the advice…people automatically think babies = advice. His did the first moms do it??? What works for me may not work for you so I’m not going to offer unless you ask. and then it is only suggestions not have to.

    • Thank you Ariana! Actually none of the people who gave the advice had done the co-sleeping themselves, which is why it is interesting that they give advice but they actually don’t have any proof of their own outcome. And you are right it’s is better to suggest rather than randomly throw out advice. I believe in embracing what is there than advising I guess.

  2. Great post, I think a lot of people struggle with this in all aspects of life, not only parenting. “Stay true to your self” has never been more true 🙂 I follow you on IG and you’re really a great inspiration. Just do Your Thing! ///En yogini från Sverige 😉

    • Tackar så jätte mycket för din response! Du gav mig en riktig tankeställare först med din kommentar, men det stämmer så väl att vi kämpar med det igenom livet. Kanske blir en blogg post om det snart tack vare dig! Bamse kram ifrån mig här på den lilla ön!🙏✨💗

  3. It makes me feel so good to find like minded mothers out there! I’m 33 weeks along with my first child. Before we even knew I was pregnant my husband and I talked a lot about our feelings on parenting. And it has already helped when that not so welcome advice comes to let it roll right off our shoulders.
    I’m glad you are staying true to your self! And I’m really happy I found your blog, it’s very inspiring!

    • Aww thank you lots Ramblingcowgirl1988! Of course at times it is not easy to let the advice/words & thoughts from other people pass you by. I think sometimes it can be helpful as well. As long as you listen to your gut. I used to never go with my gut feeling but now I try to always follow the feelings that I get initially from anything I go about. We are more connected with ourselves than what we give credit to ourselves for. I am very happy that you & your husband already have discussed how you want to go about parenting your little miracle! I wish everyone would do that – that way you are both prepared to take the journey as parents together!

      And congratulations to your little baby! Please share an update about your little baby once he/she arrives!

      Sending you & your belly love & light!

      • Our baby girl is almost 3 months old now. Having her is the most natural feeling in my life. She sleeps with us every night. At first she was so tiny I’d just hold her in my arms all night. Now sometimes she spends all night snuggled up to me, other times she is spread out arms and legs every which way. She gets a lot of one on one attention, not only from me, but her daddy, and a lot of our family members. I love watching her grow. Being a mother is an awesome blessing.

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