Conquering the Pepsi Bottle

So I’m still struggling with the sugar cravings. It has gone more than a week & I had to have one piece of chewing gum today to get rid of the sweet tooth. It does work with chewing gum for a little bit. The chewing gum was my life savior when I quit smoking & it looks like it will be my savior today.

And I have to admit – I was sooo close to having a teeny tiny bit of Pepsi soda today!!! My hubby man is not on any kind of diet or lifestyle change as I have been & he eats whatever he want, which is why we have the shiny box of ice-cream in the freezer & today he asked me to get him a can of Pepsi. And I was on a total sugar craving mode & all I could see was this amazingly sparkly & tasty Pepsi bottle staring at me.

But do you know what stopped me? The last blog post that I wrote stopped me. I couldn’t fail my goal of quitting sugar by tasting a bottle of Pepsi as I consciously had put it out there for the rest of the world to follow. And do you know how much sugar it is in a bottle of Pepsi? 69%! Wow…that means that you would literally eat approx. 3/4ths of a Pepsi bottle filed with pure sugar….

So here I am – I realized that I dif no want to indulge in 69% of pure sugar. I instead made myself a cup of coffee with 2 tsps of sugar. I conquered the Pepsi bottle today but with another addiction of caffeine…

Lets see what tomorrow brings me..


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