Prego Mama Yogini Update

I have to admit, I haven’t been the best yogini blogger & usually when I visit people’s blogs to read I really don’t like it when they mention that they haven’t updated their blog for a while. I rather it being unsaid – but here I am mentioning my laziness of not blogging for a while.

As for my daily life I have worked on my little secret project – which is about to actually unfold to something really good. Once it is all finished I will share it with you.

My baby bump is now in 10 day countdown mode – so the little man can come out any day since we are in full term.

Yoga – as always I love my yoga & I miss my Ashtanga practice which I mention every time I blog. But I have attended prenatal yoga classes, done a little practice at home & I have also gone out on my yoga selfie photo sprees. The last one I actually had today…and I am soo proud of my pictures that I had to share one of the poses with you. This is the “only” pose that I have improved while being pregnant. And for a spiritual reading of it’s improvements – maybe I am not afraid of looking into the past anymore or remembering the past, which is why I think have managed to open up my back soo much more during these past months.

Who knows I love analyzing things a little deeper – even though it might not be true but I do admit that I have become a much more open minded, open & understanding soul since my other little soul appeared in my belly.

Namaste to you on this beautiful Sunday!


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