3 Weeks Left of the Bump

Yesterday little Peanut & I hit the finish line of our pregnancy. So now we are 37 weeks old in belly life. This past week has brought a lot of changes – minor contractions, water retention, and I have started to even feel a bit more tired. But I still have kept up with my yoga & my Instagram Prenatal yoga challenge. The challenge is about to end in just 3 more days – it has been soo much fun finding a purpose of going out and taking beautiful yoga pictures of myself – all those “selfie” pictures have helped both in keeping myself busy in feeding my yoga ego & fit together with helping & inspiring other mama-to-be’s to keep up with their yoga practice even though they are pregnant. There is no reason for us mama’s to quit exercising while our bumps are growing. We just need to learn how to adjust our ego’s and adapt to our new little miracles, which is a part of the process of building a bond between the mother and the baby.

But soon soon I get to find myself back in my regular body without the bump, which I also am looking forward to! Not having to be careful & worried about hurting or injurying the little miracle who is soon about to come out, whom I am soo looking forward to meet in person!

Namaste to you all on this beautiful Wednesday!

Here we are 36 weeks & 6 days still enjoying doing the upward dog!

Here we are 36 weeks & 6 days still enjoying doing the upward dog!

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