Nesting & Nesting…..when will it end.

Ever felt that you are on auto-pilot? Today I woke up on auto-pilot with cleaning, cleaning & cleaning. It was not really what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to be working in front of my computer on my little project but no – instead I have run around like a little cleaning chicken washing everything from my bathroom rug to the shower curtain to dusting the walls. And I am now finally in front of the computer with my swollen elephant feet still with the wandering mind of  “maybe I should get that vacuum too…..” The motherly nesting instinct is just amazing but it really does make you tired! Hopefully this nesting cleaning urge will continue on once the little man comes out as well but I hope that it won’t be as “auto-piloty” as it is now – cause that is a little freaky:)

Now I gotta go & get the vacuum to get those floors clean!


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3 Weeks Left of the Bump

Yesterday little Peanut & I hit the finish line of our pregnancy. So now we are 37 weeks old in belly life. This past week has brought a lot of changes – minor contractions, water retention, and I have started to even feel a bit more tired. But I still have kept up with my yoga & my Instagram Prenatal yoga challenge. The challenge is about to end in just 3 more days – it has been soo much fun finding a purpose of going out and taking beautiful yoga pictures of myself – all those “selfie” pictures have helped both in keeping myself busy in feeding my yoga ego & fit together with helping & inspiring other mama-to-be’s to keep up with their yoga practice even though they are pregnant. There is no reason for us mama’s to quit exercising while our bumps are growing. We just need to learn how to adjust our ego’s and adapt to our new little miracles, which is a part of the process of building a bond between the mother and the baby.

But soon soon I get to find myself back in my regular body without the bump, which I also am looking forward to! Not having to be careful & worried about hurting or injurying the little miracle who is soon about to come out, whom I am soo looking forward to meet in person!

Namaste to you all on this beautiful Wednesday!

Here we are 36 weeks & 6 days still enjoying doing the upward dog!

Here we are 36 weeks & 6 days still enjoying doing the upward dog!

A Garudasana Day.

Time is just flying by – it feels like I just woke up this morning but it is already Thursday evening. I’m not sure if the time sensitivity I have started to feel lately has to do with my pregnancy or just in general.

Anywhoo – today I had a great day I managed to add a new project on my to-do list that I have decided that I want to do before Peanut comes out. A secret project that I will reveal once it is all complete. And I got my daily pose out on Instagram for all mama-to-be’s and I had a wonderful lunch with my new friend Sylvia, who also is my Ashtanga teacher here on the island. We went and had a israeli lunch & talked about life & yoga. And she shared the concept of Mysore – which I totally want to try out once I can go back to my regular yoga practice!

Now I am off to bed as my feet are swollen like Michelin feet. I get very swollen & puffy in the evening, which I think mainly is from the heat. Tomorrow is a new day & I will be off to the beach again to do some yoga.

Below is the pose of the day for my IG yoga challenge – it is a little too tight for some mama’s in the third trimester, which I realized today. But for anyone who feel it is too tight – I would suggest to open up the legs instead of twisting them as we need to make space for our baby belly.

A Revised Seated Eagle Pose - Garudasana.

A Revised Seated Eagle Pose – Garudasana.

Mountain Pose & Dalai Lama Inspiration

Today I went out on my yoga challenge photo spree again. I didn’t realize how tired you get when you are getting closer to the due date. So I have to divide my poses up per day. I have created a pose sheet of all the poses that I thought I could do & today I found out that I couldn’t do the  Marichyasana I pose. Amazing….just a few weeks ago that pose was soo easy and now the legs, belly and arms just decided to not do want to cooperate anymore.

So at times I have to be a little creative with the poses I use – I think I am in a “eat-the-cake-&-keep-it-at-the-same-time” type of phase when it comes to my baby bump & yoga practice. I really love having my little baby in there as I love all the twinkles, shakes & bonding I get from the little man. And at the same time I just would love to run to detox myself in a Bikram class & the following day go & Ashtanga – and get back the freedom of flexibility and deepness!

BTW – Today I started the baby bump challenge on Instagram with one of the most basic asanas of them all – the mountain pose. My goal with the pose is to instill grounding & strength for all mama-to-be’s. While I was driving today I was thinking what my purpose was with this challenge – I think my goal is to not only create a visual appearance of baby bumps, but I also want the joining mom’s to really connect with their babies – one person who I have followed lately & who have inspired me a lot throughout my pregnancy is Dalai Lama – he always reiterates that we need to live in compassion. And I really agree with him saying that compassion starts from birth – with the bonding relationship of the mother/baby. So I think my biggest goal/purpose with this challenge is to create a bonding & compassionate relationship through visually connecting & inspiring other mama-to-be’s.

The purpose of the Mountain pose is to instill grounding, balance & strength.

The purpose of the Mountain pose is to instill grounding, balance & strength.