My instagram is growing & I really love my new found passion of taking daily yoga pictures of my challenge poses. But the other day I got a total ego-slam. My body is changing and it is starting to feel like I am turning into a submarine. My legs are tighter than they used to be. The booty is not as little anymore. The  stomach is growing at the speed of light. On top of it all – my arms are like spaghetti with no strength to hold the submarine & also with less strength to keep up with the flowy chaturangas while doing Ashtanga.

I am continuing to keep up with my practice as much as possible as it really feeds a calmness to both my body & mind. It is like taking a Happy Pill. Every time I come out of class I am a new person. But still yet I have to listen to the strains my body is going through as it is adjusting itself for my little treasure baby – Peanut.

So in the very near future I believe it will be less Ashtanga, more power walks around Diamond Head, some Prenatal classes & some sprinkles of meditation – which I hope will help calm my body & mind as much as Ashtanga does..

In that case I will have to put my instagram passion on a mini freeze but that might sparkle up some new creativity once I put myself in both the Ashtanga & the Bikram class, who knows?


My latest version of the pyramid pose.

My latest version of the pyramid pose.

6 thoughts on “Prego-Ego-Slam.

  1. Hi Rita…As a fellow yogi and mom-to-be (I’m 27 weeks today) I’m inspired by your Instagram pics every day. I have been continuing my yoga practice 2-3 times a week. I was wondering if you practice any inversions? I had a headstand and shoulder stand practice before my pregnancy and have continued. But since I’m entering my third trimester, I’m reading I should stop.
    Keep posting! Namaste!

    • Aww thank you Jennifer! And congratulations to your little one too! We are almost within the same time frame (28 weeks tomorrow). As for your inversions – I myself stopped doing inversions at around week 20 even though it was really difficult to not be inspired by all the amazing inversion challenges and yogis on IG. My doctor said to not do any inversions so I stuck to her advice.

      The only “cheat” inversion I do is the wheel pose as I don’t feel uncomfortable doing it & my Ashtanga teacher didn’t say anything against me doing the wheel pose.

      My biggest “peeve” is that I am careful & feel myself through each pose and only do poses that makes me comfortable. Some of the inversions made my stomach bubble funkily:). Another advice I got from my Astanga teacher is to always make space for the baby & don’t have the legs too tight & also not to think about keeping your form but just do the practice for your well being, mind & comfort.

      I hope my input helped you a little bit. One thing I have found frustrating during my pregnancy is that I haven’t been able to find a manual of to dos and not to dos for us yogis as healthy mama-to-bes that is both doctors approved and yoga teacher approved:).

      Do you know if your little one is a boy or a girl? Is this your first too? I think pregnancy is soo magical!


      • I think I’m going to ask my doctor what she thinks I should do for my 3rd trimester.
        I do wish there was a do’s and don’t’s that yogis and doctors agreed on too!
        I’m having a boy and yes it’s my first one! Is this your first? And do you know what you’re having?
        I’ve been nauseous and vomiting through my entire pregnancy so I haven’t been able to enjoy every moment. But yoga is helping!
        My teacher taught me the best poses to help with nausea. And inversions are some of them. That’s why I don’t want to stop 🙂
        Thanks again!
        PS…so jealous you live in Hawaii! I’ve been there 2 times now (to Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai and maui) and can’t get enough!

      • I think the best option as you mentioned is for you to ask you doctor just to make sure. It’s so strange that there isn’t a prenatal handbook out there for us prego yogis:)

        And congratulations to you little boy – it looks like there was boys in the air when we both got pregnant:) (as I’m having a little boy too). I’m very excited about this little man & he is my first one too just like you.

        I have been lucky not to have any nausea and never vomitted – I was feeling little nauseated throughout the 1st trimester but it was fairly mild compared to yours.

        And you are right I’m lucky to live on this beautiful island but I’m sure that you also live in a place that has its moments of beauty as well. The only island I never went to is Kauai and I heard that is one of the most beautiful islands of them all.

        I hope that you had a great Easter today as well!

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