Today I came across an interview with Deepak Chopra, I haven’t followed him since I saw the documentary “Decoding Deepak”, which was a insightful documentary about Deepak himself. This interview that I saw today was really interesting in how he is talking about our human interconnectedness, the world, spirituality & consciousness. One thing that stuck with me throughout the interview was how the interviewer mentioned that he is globablly known for not getting mad or angry. I wish I could say that – especially now being hormonal & pregnant.

However, he explained his concept of how he manages not being angry, mad or bothered through a method he calls S.T.O.P. Here is how you practice S.T.O.P in regards to Dr. Chopra if you are about to get to the boiling point of being angry, mad or irritated:

SSTOP. Stop with what you are doing.

TTake 3 Deep Breaths.

OObserve your body & observe where it hurts. Imagine your body smiling where it hurts & fill it with warmth.

PProceed consciously with compassion.

So I have decided to practice this method for each time my hormones get to me. Maybe I need to make a sticky note that I can place on my forehead that will remind me to take the breather before I as my prego hormones also have started to make me forget things very easily. Will keep you updated of how my progress will be going with this S.T.O.P method.

Here is the interview with Dr. Chopra called “A Journey of Thoughts” in case you feel inspired to watch it, a much better alternative than watching reality shows on cable TV.


My instagram is growing & I really love my new found passion of taking daily yoga pictures of my challenge poses. But the other day I got a total ego-slam. My body is changing and it is starting to feel like I am turning into a submarine. My legs are tighter than they used to be. The booty is not as little anymore. The  stomach is growing at the speed of light. On top of it all – my arms are like spaghetti with no strength to hold the submarine & also with less strength to keep up with the flowy chaturangas while doing Ashtanga.

I am continuing to keep up with my practice as much as possible as it really feeds a calmness to both my body & mind. It is like taking a Happy Pill. Every time I come out of class I am a new person. But still yet I have to listen to the strains my body is going through as it is adjusting itself for my little treasure baby – Peanut.

So in the very near future I believe it will be less Ashtanga, more power walks around Diamond Head, some Prenatal classes & some sprinkles of meditation – which I hope will help calm my body & mind as much as Ashtanga does..

In that case I will have to put my instagram passion on a mini freeze but that might sparkle up some new creativity once I put myself in both the Ashtanga & the Bikram class, who knows?


My latest version of the pyramid pose.

My latest version of the pyramid pose.