Other Peoples Drama.

I didn’t make a 2013 New Years resolution list because I didn’t want to fail my own promises. I don’t like to fail keeping my promises/resolutions. So instead of being to hard on myself I created a mental notion to work on replacing my TV habits with reading. My husband & I have our quality TV time a few nights per week, which are excluded from my mental notion as this is our bonding cozy time. However, I have decided to replace my own TV time of watching junk with reading a book. Sometimes I put myself on a daily marathon of watching anything from the Housewives of Miami to the Fabulous life of Kimora Lee Simmons. Every time I watch these shows I feel I need to take a breather – there is soo much drama that it almost hurts. While I am watching I am asking myself why am I even bothering but still yet my two eyeballs are glued to the TV screen. Isn’t it amazing how interesting it can be to watch other people have drama? Still yet my stomach cringes at times of how these adult people behave & act.

So my mental notion is to replace {all} the unnecessary TV drama of other peoples lives with some inspiring & sparkly literature that will rejuvenate my brain & mental peace.

Working on replacing my TV habit.

Working on replacing my TV habit.

My little mini book shelf - I actually have most of my books on my Kindle....of course we gotta stay as green as possible.

With some inspiring literature that will sparkle up my brain cells.

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