the Rita I am.

I am still reading the Happiness Project by author Gretchen Rubin & today it made me want to write a blog post about it. One of the author’s punch list items is to be Gretchen (herself). If you are more connected with yourself, you will have an easier time to find the happiness that you are looking for, which is the basis of the book.

Ever since I was young I always had a tendency to get inspired by others. My childhood was not the easiest, I found myself often wanting to be someone else as I didn’t know how & who I was. This has been an insecurity that has been following me throughout the years. However, just from this past year of going through my very own lifestyle change of living healthy, quitting smoking, not drinking, exercising with yoga & slowly developing a positive mind (through all of the above). I am finally starting to become more grounded & finally becoming myself, the Rita I am. A person with less materialistic needs, less worries & anxiety, living in the moment yet being responsible, loving to inspire & create.  And above all – is not afraid to see my true self in the mirror.

Thanks to the author Rubin, I got an eye opener in today’s chapter of how I have finally become myself (or finally found myself). It is as the Buddhist proverb says, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear“. Even though the Happiness Project is “just” a book, it has given me some eye openers throughout the chapters that have made me realize that this past year has been a year of self-realization & maturity of finding the Rita I am.

Finding myself.

A year of self-realization & maturity.