Left vs. Right Side Tightness in My Yoga Practice

I have noticed something I think is pretty bad. My left side is a lot more tighter & unflexible than my right side. Most of my postures are pretty good on the right side but every time I move to the left it strains, unflexes & just get stuck.

And since I love to analyze things – I am wondering why I am having this problem & the reason behind it.

There are various theories & studies out there sharing information about the difference between a left-handed person and a right-handed person. I am a left-handed person, so you would think that my left hand side would be more open but it is the opposite. However, research shows that there can be cross-over reference of the brain – left-handed people can be ruled by the right side of the brain and right-handed are the opposite.

I am wondering if that could be the reason of my right sided dominance in my yoga practice? But I really do need to start favoring the left hand side whether I want it or not – otherwise I will never be able balance myself out. And I might end up limping my way through my senior years.

Are you a left-handed or right-handed person, what side do you have more tightness on? What side do you favor the most?

Left handed but feeling strained on my right hand side throughout all my yoga poses.

Left handed but feeling strained on my right hand side throughout all my yoga poses.

6 thoughts on “Left vs. Right Side Tightness in My Yoga Practice

  1. I learned early on in my yoga studies that the left side and right side are very different. I noticed it in my own body right away, I feel like my right moves with ease and I can get into pretty much any pose without hesitation, it just feels looser.
    My left side feels like a struggle in certain poses but I thought the more I practice the easier it would get and they would both be in sync.
    I asked my teacher about it and was told that there will always be a difference between the town even though it will get easier.
    I don’t think it has anything to do with your dominant hand, or I should say I haven’t read anywhere that it does. Who knows? Maybe there is a connection!

  2. As a yoga teacher I see that tightness on one side relative to the other is common. I assume that right or left handedness is part of it. But the body is of course interconnected throughout. So I find that patterns may cross from one side to the other and that patterns interact with other patterns. So while I might work with some area of local tightness, I understand that I’m not working with only that area. Overall, I try for a balanced practice. Good topic. Thanks.

    • Thank you Bharat for your comment – I totally agree with you of both the interconnectedness & that also the tightness (problem/pain) may not come from the area where it feels but can be from somewhere else. Our bodies are amazing & I believe we only now a small percentage of how our body/mind/soul interconnection work.

      Thank you lots for your input!

  3. It’s good to notice these things! That’s such a good starting point. No one is symmetrical in their flexibility. We don’t move our bodies symmetrically (we drive on one side of the car, write with one hand, etc.) AND our internal organs aren’t symmetrical (left lung has 2 lobes, right lung has 3!). I think Bharat has the right idea. Notice and then do what you can to bring balance. Thanks for the post!

    • Thank you Amanda! You are right, I never thought about how nothing really is symmetrical in our daily life. But I will continue working on finding the physical & mental balance. My business partners philosophy is for us to be symmetrical in our way of how we walk, exercise, sit, stand etc. He uses the the philosophy of how we were as babies, which makes sense. Almost all babies are flexible & symmetrical once they learn how to walk and run.

      I guess my new approach is to find the balance & flexibility we had a children, which will make me study little Peanut when he comes out:)

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