Yoga Teacher Training on Freeze.

You might have noticed. I haven’t updated anything about the yoga teacher training that I mentioned I wanted to take. I didn’t sign up. But I would love to become a yoga teacher. However, after much thought I think once I am ready with my pregnancy & once I have settled in with the life of being a mother I want to look into becoming a yoga teacher again. In that case I think I will become a Ashtanga teacher & use Ashtanga as my base rather than any other form of yoga.

The teacher training is a chapter I wanted to open but closed as I didn’t feel that the style of yoga that was taught was my cup of tea & I felt that I am more comfortable with Ashtanga then any other form of yoga. {Bikram I love for the amazing detox it gives – but I don’t feel challenged with just the 26 postures – I feel that I need more than 26 postures & heat}.

I did actually get pretty far with the yoga class that I wanted to attend & I even ordered the yoga books that was required, which are books that I will be going through anyways even though I won’t get the physical teaching & practice of becoming a yoga teacher.

Books that I ordered for my yoga teacher training – got some reading to do!

3 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher Training on Freeze.

  1. Good luck for the birth and your future yoga teacher training. I too was geared up and ready tot rain while I was pregnant but decided against it. I now have a 7mo and when she was 4mo I signed up for my teacher training. I am finding my motivation to ‘do’ more yoga is very high – yoga is excellent accompaniment to motherhood!

    • Thank you lots aecameron! Did you finish your teacher training. There is a new teacher training course starting in August and I really would like to sign up for that one. It is really expensive & the baby haven’t got used to being away from his milk supply….I really hope that it will change as I would like to get the teacher training going as well. As for now I am really ready to get back to my own yoga practice – just got 2 more weeks left until I get the doctor approval of exercising again!

      • I’m in the midst of my YTT at the moment 🙂
        Breastfeeding is a tricky one, my decision of when to do the practical elements of the course was dependent on how well my daughter took expressed breastmilk, and if I was able to pump enough while I was away from her. I had to hold off until we had a good routine and I knew she was going to be ok.

        – Alisia

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