Time & Messages.

Do you believe in signs or messages? At times I do. A while ago I found at least one penny laying around me anywhere I went on a daily basis. My mother-in-law used to find feathers all around her. She also believes in signs/messages at times. Now lately I have had a tendency to see 11:11, 111, 1111 numbers all over but I am not sure why. Every night I go to bed I for some reason catch the watch at 11:17 without wanting to catch it.

Today I saw the message of “the days are long, but the years are short” – twice. You might think it is only twice, but for some reason I resonate with it when I see it. Maybe it is my pregnancy that makes me resonate with the message, since I am about to turn in to a parent in a few months. At times I feel that time is flying by but I am standing still.

Do you ever feel that your time is standing still even though you are juggling 10,000 things in your daily life? Do you have a tendency to see signs or find strange messages around you?

Standing Tree Pose

Standing still in the tree pose but still have the feeling that time is flying by.