A Jack Johnson Phase.

I think I got it – I am in a Jack Johnson phase. You probably never heard of someone being in a Jack Johnson phase. Let me describe the feeling & the attitude that I have while I am enjoying the music of Jack through my speakers & through my daily life:

  • Living in the moment – I don’t plan, just do. Any feeling that comes up to my mind & if it is a strong feeling of something that I would like to do – I will do it. An example is the other day I really wanted to clean, and I ended up even donating clothes, recycling all the cans & made the house spotless. So my new living in the moment cleaning feeling made my house spotless without much effort mentally!
  • Stop & Feel – If I am eating breakfast with my husband (which I rarely do – as he has to run off to work) and if for some reason my mind says stop, I let it pause & take a deep breath. I allow to stop myself to enjoy & feel the moment.
  • Let it Go – It is easier said than done. I try not to fuss about small things or even bigger things. What happens, happens for a reason. However, sometimes my preggo hormones tends to take over & I come back & apologize for my hormonal behavior, which I have decided to let go as well once I have been forgiven.

The way I am tying these behaviors & attitudes into the music with Jack Johnson – is that the music is easy, free & light. It reminds you of a breezy sunset day in Hawaii with no worries & just happiness.


Enjoying the breeze on the beach on a Hawaiian Sunset Day.

Psst…..sometimes being in the Jack Johnson phase makes me procastinate & totally delay my responsibilities for a rainy day….It’s a lovely state of mind to be in but at times reality kicks in as well…..(and it sometimes rains in Hawaii too!)