Marriage Satisfaction To-Do List.

I started to dig deeper into the book I bought not too long ago – The Happiness Project. It is actually a really interesting book, for almost every 2 to 3rd page I want to stop & make scribbles as I want to keep the information to remember for my future.

One of the interesting facts that came up today while I took an hour of my day to read through the book (which will definitely relate to me within the very near future) is that the satisfaction in a marriage substantially drops after the first child. This is proven through research. So I have decided to create a mental to-do list where I will add the task of working on not dropping the satisfaction in the marriage I have with my beautiful soul mate, the love of my life, best friend & husband once little Peanut comes out.

Another interesting fact is that the author herself is not living her life in misery, she is rather doing damage control and working on preventing any future instances where her happiness could be jeopardized. An interesting fact, kind of ties in with my quote that I created the other day.

By the way  – Happy Valentines Day to you today – it’s interesting how I am funneling about marriage dissatisfaction prevention on the most loving day of the year – Valentines. Let’s see how my husband reacts when I bring up the mental to-do list marriage dissatisfaction idea on our romantic Indian dinner this evening:)

Marriage Dissatisfaction Mental To-Do List.

Marriage Dissatisfaction Mental To-Do List.