Starbucks Arghhs.

I am back….back to the expensive Starbucks habit….arghh. I really think that there is something in the coffee that makes it addicting other than the taste, comfort & feeling I get every time I take a sip.

Last time I was hooked on the white/green trendy looking cup was because I was quitting smoking and found a way to replace my habit of cigarettes with a beautiful cup of expensive Starbucks Chai tea. Now….now I am not sure what is making me crave this indulgence on a daily basis – it makes me get going in the office instead of spending my day dreaming about my next session on the yoga mat.

Arghh….what to do, what to do. Starbucks what should I do with you?

A day of Starbucks again.....when will this end?

A day of Starbucks again…..when will this end?