@GrowSoulBeautiful Instagram Challenge.

I tried to join the inversion army & failed. I also tried the @beachyogagirl challenge, which I also failed as most of the poses was a bit too stretchy for me as a pregnant yogi. However, this time I am prepared! Wihooo, I choose a challenge that I am able to manage together with little Peanut. And it already starts today, which is very exciting. Let’s see if I can pull it off this time.

For any of my yogi followers if you have Instagram please join me during this months challenge! My @instagram name is @theyogasoul – otherwise you can always keep up with me here on WordPress as well but I would love to follow you on instagram as well if you are an avid Instagramer.

Today’s pose is the childs pose (balasana), which I really enjoy. I actually enjoy doing this pose more than the savasana. I could lay in this pose all day if I could – for some reason this pose makes me feel real comfort.

Do you have any special pose that you feel comfort in?

Entered the @growsobeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) - I could stay in this pose forever.

Entered the @growsoulbeautiful challenge today by submitting my Childs Pose (balasana) – I could stay in this pose for forever.

9 thoughts on “@GrowSoulBeautiful Instagram Challenge.

  1. Beautiful photo! I love tolsana because of the strength and concentration it needs. I have yet to do it while in lotus pose but I am slowly getting there! I don’t have instagram or else I would love to participate in this!

    • Mahalo Sarah! I am not able to do it in lotus pose either – one day, some day as they say we will be able to get there:) If you have an iphone you should definitely sign up for instagram – it is very yoga inspiring! I hope that you will have a wonderful day & thank you for swinging by!

    • At times I also enjoy the tree pose – but I have to be very grounded just in general and focused. And you are right it can be tough to find ground in both dancer pose & the tree pose if you are not just with your inner self. I always wiggle and loose focus when I do those poses in class.

  2. Beautiful photo, I’ll look for you on Instagram. In terms of special poses I feel comfort in: I’m going mad for Gomukhasana lately, either with arms bound or out to the side, I feel so strong, relaxed and rooted in it. Oh, and then there’s savasana. There’s always savasana. 😉

    • Love the savasana too – but for some reason I feel more grounded in the child’s pose. Do you think there could be a relationship with how we feel in our daily general life with how comfortable we are in the poses? Gotta write a post about that. Got you on instagram now too!:) Are you planning on doing any instagram challenge? There are soo many out there.

      • I think the daily life and comfort relationship is a strong one. I have grown to enjoy child’s pose for example, but I never feel fully…whole in it somehow. I feel like I’m in limbo with it. Thanks for the Instagram follow! 🙂 I wouldn’t mind doing a challenge, just have to see what’s out there and find something that resonates…

    • I never do the Gomukhasana, will try that one during my next practice. Since I mainly practice Ashtanga I kind off get stuck with doing the same poses over and over again – and forget what other poses there is out there:) But I love being reminded of what else is out there.

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