Yoga Mantra of the Day: Peace Comes from Within

Today I am making a double post. I wanted to share a peaceful mantra of the day that I felt was a soothing Thursday wish for all my yogi followers. Please use, share and inspire. All my design quote mantras are made as my #karmagivingback project where I design for the you & the world to use and inspire from.

Peace Comes from Within

5 thoughts on “Yoga Mantra of the Day: Peace Comes from Within

    • Beautiful post you made! I didn’t see it until now when you mentioned it – funny how I made a peace quote right after. I am definitely going to incorporate yoga in my baby’s life once it starts to grow up. Did you ever watch the teaching by Dalai Lama – Compassion in Emptiness? It is really interesting where he draws the correlation between mothers of the world and their children, which will in turn help us find peace.

      • That’s beautiful that you will be doing yoga with your baby. It is very natural for them and so bonding. I have not read the Compassion teaching by Dalai Lama. Thanks for suggesting it, I will have to check it out. Sending much peace & love to you!

      • Be Yoga Be Love – the Compassion teaching is not a book – it’s a teaching he did that they filmed, if you have Netflix you can find it there. Sending you peace, love, happiness & some Aloha sun from here too! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

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