@beachyogagirl January Challenge on Instagram

So I am starting this new year by joining the @beachyogagirl challenge on instagram. The last one I tried to join was a inversion army challenge and that didn’t go very well – I only lasted for 3 days or so…..I am not as flexible as I want to be:) The @beachyogagirl challenge is much easier. The first day starts with a Bikram “inspired” move – the dhanurasana. I used to be pretty good in doing the dhanurasana but I haven’t done it for a little while because I got the gift of carrying a new little life in my belly! My little Peanut is today 16 weeks in belly-life. So the dhanurasana was made in bed just so that the little Peanut could comfortably join in:)

Now Peanut & I am off to enjoy some Ashtanga for this new year! Aloha!


One thought on “@beachyogagirl January Challenge on Instagram

  1. Great advice about not forgetting the real treasures in your life. We all should be more aware of what the really special things in our lives are, and the people we treasure.

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