@beachyogagirl January Challenge on Instagram

So I am starting this new year by joining the @beachyogagirl challenge on instagram. The last one I tried to join was a inversion army challenge and that didn’t go very well – I only lasted for 3 days or so…..I am not as flexible as I want to be:) The @beachyogagirl challenge is much easier. The first day starts with a Bikram “inspired” move – the dhanurasana. I used to be pretty good in doing the dhanurasana but I haven’t done it for a little while because I got the gift of carrying a new little life in my belly! My little Peanut is today 16 weeks in belly-life. So the dhanurasana was made in bed just so that the little Peanut could comfortably join in:)

Now Peanut & I am off to enjoy some Ashtanga for this new year! Aloha!