New Start & New Beginning

I created the quote of every day being a new beginning not too long ago – so today I created something a little different as I know that I have a hard time myself with setting my goals, achieving them, reaching for them & setting the bar. And with today as being a new day of the new year – most of us mentally decide that we are going to restart/refresh ourselves for the new beginning. I have a tendency to set the bar a bit too high and failing, which I believe is not a good way to start a year. So this year I have decided to take small baby steps in setting my goals & by that I hope that I will be able increase my success rate of not failing.

Happy New Year to You All Yogis! May this year bring you joy, inspiration & content! I am looking forward to a new year of new beginnings with all of you in this wordpress yoga blogosphere!

Set Your Goals on a Reachable Level & You will Increase Your Future Successes + Happinesss.

Set Your Goals on a Reachable Level & You will Increase Your Future Successes + Happiness.

2 thoughts on “New Start & New Beginning

  1. Rita! Hello, I;m not sure if you remember me….my blog is Chronicles of a Neophyte Yogi. I love your blog, and I want you to know that even though I don’t always have time to comment or like your posts, I am reading them. I find you to be very inspiring, and in fact, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope that you do not mind.

    I hope that life finds you well, and that you are surrounded by love and blessings. Namaste. xoxoxo

    • Aloha Heather! Thank you soo much for your beautiful message & for the nomination! I have been away for a bit enjoying time during Christmas & the holidays, in-laws, and new changes in life.

      I am now back on track with updating the blog more frequently & I want to thank you once again for enjoying the blog. I hope that you also are finding life well!

      Namaste & Lots of Aloha

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