The love of a Gazillionare

Often times we forget & just continue to live our humbug life. We forget to enjoy our relationships. We forget to be thankful for our loved ones. And we forget to treasure the moments & the people of our now. I admit I am very comfortable, rarely get out of my zone & forget to be thankful for everyone I have around me. However, at times you get important happenings out of the blue that calls for our attention of treasuring the moment & to get out of your comfort zone. I got that twice now for the past two days – two very opposite happenings – that made me stop & treasure the amazing relationships I have in my life. Even though I don’t own a mansion, have 50 pairs of Manolo Blanik shoes or the latest yoga mat – we cannot forget that life is not about the materialistic tangibles – and sometimes we need to stop to judge ourselves in the tangibles but rather treasure the intangible relationships we have and how it helps us grow & prosper as loving individuals.

The individual that means the world to me is my husband. He is not only my husband but also my best friend & my soul mate. His beautiful personality, soul & spirit makes my heart beat deeper for each day we are together. And if our love could be measured in money we would be gazillionaires:)

So I guess today’s word is that you should take a deep breath, close your eyes & forget about the humbug stressful life, forget about whether you own the latest Lululemon Power Up tank top that you don’t have and instead let your mind warm your heart from all the beautiful relationships you have around you! Don’t forget that we are all connected & without love we would not survive (but without a Lululemon Power tank top you would!)



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