Medicine Against a Worried Mind.

Everywhere I go I hear worries – in the news, from my mother-in-law, on Facebook, at the gym & in my own mind. The other day I was wondering if the human mind always have had this worried mind? Or is it something we have generated in our modern society? I admit – I worry myself too but ever since I started to do my yoga practice & stopped watching the news…. my mind has slowly but surely started to become less worried.

A few months ago I went & had a massage – the therapist who was a healer told me that I had a worried mind & body – her advice was that I needed to let go of all the worries otherwise I could get sick. She told me to go out and run it off – and I did! The running worked together with my continued yoga practice & non-interest in the news. Today I am less worried.

Off course at times the worry hits me but not as severely as it did before. If I start to feel anxious & worried I turn of the TV, take my running shoes off for a run & end my run in the park with some sun salutations. These are my own 3 simple steps that doesn’t include any pills or remedies in calming myself from a worried mind.



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