New Career Path of a Life Journey.

Now it’s just about a week left until I will go & drain the bank account out of the pennies & cents for my yoga teacher training class. It is going to hurt to suck the coins out of the account but at the same time I will be on my new path to continue to live/love & breathe the life of yoga and now also be able to share it with others. With this change I am making a 100% degree career path change of my life journey, which is very exciting! I totally need this new breath of air!

Before the end of this year I am also going to create a mind-map for myself for the year of 2013. I have never made a mind-map before in my life – but since I am going through a lot of exciting changes I want to remind myself of what my goals, belief & values are for this upcoming year to keep myself on the right path of who I am & want to continue to be.

Now I am off to clean my house – it is now time for the mental/physical cleaning spree again – to go & get all the dust out from all the mental corners!



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