Home Playfullness vs. Yoga Studio Class…..

Today I got a yoga class on my schedule to attend! Today I am going to be firm with my yoga class attendance decision. I have tried to get myself to class for a few days…..instead I do the Ashtanga Yoga app at home with Mr. Michael Gannon. Michael is great in teaching the Ashtanga sequence over the iphone app but for some reason when it starts to get tough & when the shoulders start to burn – Michael doesn’t make me stay with him… I suddenly start to feel everything soo much more. The voice of Mr. Gannon slowly disappears in the clouds of thoughts, to-dos & playfullness of testing my instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills that I don’t have:)

Therefore, today is THE day of me walking myself to class to regain my discipline for my yoga practice as I definitely need to keep up with my yoga practice before I start the teacher training in the beginning of next year!

Hooah as they say in the military – yoga here I come!

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice....the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over....

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice….the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over….

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