Instagram Yoga #InversionArmy Challenge…

So I have started to become a instagramer & I am soo impressed by all these super athletic individuals who are bending themselves forward/backward/sideways – just like rubber dolls. I have an easy way to bend backwards but a very hard way to bend forward and my balance is a bit off. But I decided to join the instagram #inversionarmy challenge…..but I only lasted 3 days…. My 4th day went out the window where I tried to touch my hands to the toes. Totally discouraged myself. So I figured I am just going to go back and focus on doing real yoga instead of trying to impress the super athletic instagramers with my non-bending-inversion-like moves until the day when I am not a beginner anymore, but by that day I might not find the interest in sharing my bending/inverting myself back/forward with the instagram world – instead I hope that I would find calmness & peace in some of the hard-to-do moves  that I am currently struggling with.

I guess I fell for the instagram hype but the hype didn’t fall for me:)

A failed attempt to try to touch my toes with one arm….


Instead I went back to do the moves I feel stillness & joy in doing 🙂