The love of a Gazillionare

Often times we forget & just continue to live our humbug life. We forget to enjoy our relationships. We forget to be thankful for our loved ones. And we forget to treasure the moments & the people of our now. I admit I am very comfortable, rarely get out of my zone & forget to be thankful for everyone I have around me. However, at times you get important happenings out of the blue that calls for our attention of treasuring the moment & to get out of your comfort zone. I got that twice now for the past two days – two very opposite happenings – that made me stop & treasure the amazing relationships I have in my life. Even though I don’t own a mansion, have 50 pairs of Manolo Blanik shoes or the latest yoga mat – we cannot forget that life is not about the materialistic tangibles – and sometimes we need to stop to judge ourselves in the tangibles but rather treasure the intangible relationships we have and how it helps us grow & prosper as loving individuals.

The individual that means the world to me is my husband. He is not only my husband but also my best friend & my soul mate. His beautiful personality, soul & spirit makes my heart beat deeper for each day we are together. And if our love could be measured in money we would be gazillionaires:)

So I guess today’s word is that you should take a deep breath, close your eyes & forget about the humbug stressful life, forget about whether you own the latest Lululemon Power Up tank top that you don’t have and instead let your mind warm your heart from all the beautiful relationships you have around you! Don’t forget that we are all connected & without love we would not survive (but without a Lululemon Power tank top you would!)



12/12/12 Lululemon Yoga Day

In regards to the Google feed & news – today is supposed to be the end of the world…and in regards to my Facebook feed some of my friends are a little off when it comes to the Mayan prophecy & they believe the world is ending today….but we still yet have a few days to go until it ends – 9 days to be exact.

Do you believe in the ending of our world? Or do you think it was just a misinterpretation from the Mayans? I am not sure, the world didn’t end today and maybe will not end on the 21st either but maybe it is not a big-bang-theory ending. Maybe the ending of our world is something other than a big bang maybe we are just ending a era and starting a new. I don’t know – all we can do is speculate but still we will never know the future.

So to celebrate the unknown I am going to the 12/12/12 Lululemon All Day-Yoga-Love-Day – to celebrate my existence and passion for yoga:) Our local Lululemon store is giving out free yoga classes  at a variety of yoga studios in town in return for you to submit why you love yoga – and I wanted to go and check out the studio where I will have my teacher training at & of course share my bliss for yoga:)

Namaste to you on this beautiful 12/12/12 day.


Yoga Mantra of the Day: Yoga is the Journey.

Today is my karma giving back day – where I designed a yoga mantra about yoga found in the Bhagavad Gita. If I had a yoga studio I would probably put this one on my wall:) I always have a tendency to love my designs in the beginning and after a few days I go back and think I could do something better – I guess I am a perfectionist when it comes to my graphic design skills.

I hope that you will be enjoying your day & that you think about the below mantra when you practice yoga next time & that you are patient in your journey of finding yourself. Enjoy.



Medicine Against a Worried Mind.

Everywhere I go I hear worries – in the news, from my mother-in-law, on Facebook, at the gym & in my own mind. The other day I was wondering if the human mind always have had this worried mind? Or is it something we have generated in our modern society? I admit – I worry myself too but ever since I started to do my yoga practice & stopped watching the news…. my mind has slowly but surely started to become less worried.

A few months ago I went & had a massage – the therapist who was a healer told me that I had a worried mind & body – her advice was that I needed to let go of all the worries otherwise I could get sick. She told me to go out and run it off – and I did! The running worked together with my continued yoga practice & non-interest in the news. Today I am less worried.

Off course at times the worry hits me but not as severely as it did before. If I start to feel anxious & worried I turn of the TV, take my running shoes off for a run & end my run in the park with some sun salutations. These are my own 3 simple steps that doesn’t include any pills or remedies in calming myself from a worried mind.



New Career Path of a Life Journey.

Now it’s just about a week left until I will go & drain the bank account out of the pennies & cents for my yoga teacher training class. It is going to hurt to suck the coins out of the account but at the same time I will be on my new path to continue to live/love & breathe the life of yoga and now also be able to share it with others. With this change I am making a 100% degree career path change of my life journey, which is very exciting! I totally need this new breath of air!

Before the end of this year I am also going to create a mind-map for myself for the year of 2013. I have never made a mind-map before in my life – but since I am going through a lot of exciting changes I want to remind myself of what my goals, belief & values are for this upcoming year to keep myself on the right path of who I am & want to continue to be.

Now I am off to clean my house – it is now time for the mental/physical cleaning spree again – to go & get all the dust out from all the mental corners!



Peaceful Vinyasa Treatment.

Since my last post I managed to take myself to two classes two days in a row (my blog discipline outreach worked:))! Yesterday I went to a peaceful Vinyasa yoga class with a new teacher at the gym. I am mostly used to practice Ashtanga & Bikram – and in the midst of the Vinyasa class it felt like I had sent myself to a spa treatment. It was a calm, peaceful class with great tranquility & ambiance. I thanked the teacher once the class was finished for the peace she shared for the 1 hour & 15 minutes. She mentioned that her method is to focus on the inner self than the outer as we already are too focused on our outer self both through fitness & in our every day life.

The whole class experience was not physically straining but instead mentally soothing & I felt refreshed when I walked out of the studio. Really enjoying the evening of the Hawaiian Christmas Chilled Air – everything felt rejuvenating, blissful & calm – even though I was sitting in a pre-Christmas traffic jam:)

So I have decided that from now on I am going to go to the Vinyasa Spa treatment yoga class once a week for some rejuvenation in between my Ashtanga & Bikram classes. I think everyone should have a Vinyasa yoga class at least once a week – a much cheaper gift than a spa treatment both for the mind & the soul.

And now when I am writing about it – I think I just found my Christmas gift that I am going to give to both my family & friends this year and for future years to come!


Om Mani Padme Hum Birthday Gift.

It was my birthday the other day & got myself a gift over the virtual web that I really thought was unique & special – an Om Mani Padme Hum prayer pendant necklace. It’s beautiful & you can even open it – where it includes a the Buddhist mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum.

The mantra represents the six syllables of purification of the six realms of existence: generosity, ethics, patience, diligence, renunciation, wisdom – I am not a Buddhist, maybe in the future I will become one but at this moment I am just a practitioner of yoga & peace – finding both peace in myself & sharing it with others.

A Om Mani Padme Hum Pendant gift - representing the purification of the six realms of existense.

A Om Mani Padme Hum Pendant gift – representing the purification of the six realms of existence.

Home Playfullness vs. Yoga Studio Class…..

Today I got a yoga class on my schedule to attend! Today I am going to be firm with my yoga class attendance decision. I have tried to get myself to class for a few days…..instead I do the Ashtanga Yoga app at home with Mr. Michael Gannon. Michael is great in teaching the Ashtanga sequence over the iphone app but for some reason when it starts to get tough & when the shoulders start to burn – Michael doesn’t make me stay with him… I suddenly start to feel everything soo much more. The voice of Mr. Gannon slowly disappears in the clouds of thoughts, to-dos & playfullness of testing my instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills that I don’t have:)

Therefore, today is THE day of me walking myself to class to regain my discipline for my yoga practice as I definitely need to keep up with my yoga practice before I start the teacher training in the beginning of next year!

Hooah as they say in the military – yoga here I come!

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice....the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over....

This is what happens while I do my at home yoga practice….the instagram-rubber-doll-yoga-pose-skills starts to take over….

Yoga Mantra of the Day: A New Daily Breath

By doing yoga you get a chance to live in the now. There is something magical that happens that makes you less anxious about tomorrow and less depressed about your yesterday.

For me yoga relieves all the stress from yesterday & tomorrow and opens up the day as a new day, which is why I decided to create the below yoga inspirational quote of the day. Once you are off the mat after the going through struggles, enjoyments, hardships & breaths – your mind is clear & it gives you a day of a new beginning.

I hope that you are enjoying today’s new beginning as I will this morning!


Every Day is a New Beginning. Take a Deep Breath & Start Again.

Every Day is a New Beginning. Take a Deep Breath & Start Again – Yoga Inspirational Quote

Instagram Yoga #InversionArmy Challenge…

So I have started to become a instagramer & I am soo impressed by all these super athletic individuals who are bending themselves forward/backward/sideways – just like rubber dolls. I have an easy way to bend backwards but a very hard way to bend forward and my balance is a bit off. But I decided to join the instagram #inversionarmy challenge…..but I only lasted 3 days…. My 4th day went out the window where I tried to touch my hands to the toes. Totally discouraged myself. So I figured I am just going to go back and focus on doing real yoga instead of trying to impress the super athletic instagramers with my non-bending-inversion-like moves until the day when I am not a beginner anymore, but by that day I might not find the interest in sharing my bending/inverting myself back/forward with the instagram world – instead I hope that I would find calmness & peace in some of the hard-to-do moves  that I am currently struggling with.

I guess I fell for the instagram hype but the hype didn’t fall for me:)

A failed attempt to try to touch my toes with one arm….


Instead I went back to do the moves I feel stillness & joy in doing 🙂