Fighting My Materialistic Indulgance.

So the other day it was Black Friday & I have to admit – I went out with my husband to check out the stores just to look…..& of course some way or the other I managed to buy something even though I had decided that I didn’t need anything.

You are probably wondering why I am writing all this jibborish as it is not that interesting…. So I guess I will get to the point… I am in a struggle! Since I started my new yoga journey lifestyle of living, breathing and feeling healthy – I have come to a point where I also need to work on my materialistic indulgences. These materialistic indulgences are something I am battling with & something I need to overcome as it is a critical point on my path of finding happiness. If I continue having these unplanned & not needed materialistic indulgences I am basically working against my path of finding content.

The joy I will feel over the dress will last until the moment it hits the laundry basket. Instead I need to learn how to find the joy I get in buying a beautiful dress in myself.

At least I am on a path of working on a very big weakness that I am admitting that I have – but imagine all the other million people who doesn’t self critique themselves. Imagine how many dresses that are hanging in these women closets – where the immediate happiness quickly disappears once the dress hits the laundry basket.

Now I have had my quick Black Friday fix of happiness & will go back to my mat to meditate & hopefully by next years Black Friday I will not buy myself another dress but rather enjoy the moment of my own happiness in my own dressed self.

Did you also indulge in materialistic happiness during this past Black Friday?


3 thoughts on “Fighting My Materialistic Indulgance.

  1. I feel the same way – and then the guilt of wanting something new and fun…we are only ever human though! Wanting and buying new things isn’t all that bad, we just have to learn to enjoy things for longer 🙂

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