The Power of Cleaning/Cleansing.

Have you noticed that when you are stressed out, not connected or mentally drained or even depressed that your house and your surrounding also start to take a toll as well?

That is what happens to me – when any or even all of the above hits me my house and surroundings start a mess as well. It is amazing how the emotions starts to show on the surface.

When I was younger I used to complain about cleaning. However, at this day I don’t mind cleaning up as it brings me my own cleansing therapy – being fed up with both myself and the messiness. Standing in the moment of removing all the struggles & the dirt in the corners. Feeling the joy of accomplishment once the cleanse is over.

So at times the glass of lemon water is not enough for me to cleanse myself – at times I also need to get down to the nitty & gritty of dusting off the dirt in the corners to feel a total rejuvenation of cleansing. I usually end my cleaning therapy with embedding the scent of incense in all the corners to fully feel the power of cleaning/cleansing & feng shui in both myself & in my house.


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