A Quiet Soul Search.

The yoga soul is back. I have been on a soul search for the past few weeks & it has given me insight on both sides (pluses & minuses). One of the insights I have had, is that I need to find balance in order to find happiness. Or instead of the word happiness I would rather say content.

On my soul search, I came across a very inspiring person that I think resembles the content I am looking for, a person with a true genuine purpose of good. I am surprised that he has not been featured more in media and I hope that he will be brought out more in the light of spreading the true purpose of who we are and should be. I started following the Deepak Chopra series of Urban Yogis and Mr. Eddie Stern is featured in all the clips for each Urban Yogi story. I have to say that Mr. Eddie Stern has become my true inspiration. I love how yoga both mentally and physically changes our attitudes and goals in life to find our real selves – which I believe has become my new purpose of soul searching to start my own path of finding content together with sharing my content with others who are on their own soul search.

So the quiet soul search has led me to go and take a teacher training class at one of the top yoga studios here in Honolulu starting in the beginning of next year, which means that these past few weeks have made me look into my career choices & purpose here on planet earth. I am now taking a 100 degree turn of turning a passion into a new lifestyle change which is both frightening but exciting at the same time.

For all of you who haven’t seen the Urban Yogis – here is one of the stories that really touched me with Yuko who recovered from cancer who never lost faith in her yoga practice.

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