Running & Savasana

Today I went running/power walking – I beat my record with a few minutes but I still have a long way to go. I have never been a runner but I always admired people who are running around the park, or at the gym. It looks so relieving but I myself never got the energy, endurance or patience to go for a run. I don’t last for very long. But I decided to break my running “bubble” and have been going for power walks/running about once a week for the past 1.5 months. I really enjoy it – and try to break the bubble each time and encourage my legs to keep on going & not to stop.

After my run I stopped by at the park and did some sun salutations from my iphone app with Mr. Michael Gannon – my favorite pose ended up being the savasana – as I got pretty tired from my power walk/running route and I almost zzzz-ed out:)

2 thoughts on “Running & Savasana

  1. i have started to take up running too šŸ™‚ hate it, but learning to enjoy it as the weather is cooling down and its enjoyable to be outside again! could never do running without yoga as a supplement though..i don’t know how people run and don’t do yoga to stretch out their hips and hamstrings! I can now run 1 mile without stopping haha that’s a huge breakthrough for me!

    • I actually love/hate it too:) cannot find peace with running but I keep on going at it – try to do it once a week. My calf muscles get sore and tight. I don’t think I got to the 1 mile mark yet of running – great job!! I am going to make that as my first “milestone” to be able to run 1 mile without stopping:)

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