Becoming Self-Sufficient w/ a Mini-Herb Garden

I don’t have the magical hands that some people have with plants and flowers. I tend to either over-water or under-water the plants that I have had through life – and within just a few weeks they would die. However, ever since I started doing yoga – my patience, courage, focus & personality has changed. I guess I have grown up. Therefore, today I thought it was the right day to get started and see if I got those magical hands that my mother-in-law has. She is amazing with growing plants, flowers, vegetables – you name it. She even was able to grow she picked in Hawaii in her home in Sweden.

Being inspired by my mother-in-law, and wanting to become more self-sufficient and green – I went and got my own mini-herb garden to see if I got the touch. Let’s see for the next upcoming weeks if these plants are still staying green & growing!

I also researched a little about the health benefits I will get from my mini-herb garden once it starts growing and blooming:

Spearmint: Low in calories & contains zero cholesterol. Includes minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron & magnesium. Useful in healing digestive problems including nausea, flatulence and hiccups as it relaxes the stomach muscles.

Parsley: Healthy source of vitamin C and vitamin A, which helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Serves as a anti-inflammatory agent within the body. Anti-cancer properties, studies has shown that Myristicin (organic compound found in the oil of parsley) inhibits tumor formation (especially in the lungs).

Oregano: Rich source of vitamin K. Includes anti-bacterial properties. High in iron, maganese & fiber. Is thought to be the most antioxidant dense nutrient of all foods.

Thyme: Powerful antioxidant. Used in treatment of acute & chronic bronchitis, sore throats, coughs, laryngitis & asthma. Useful as mouthwash to treat throat infections, prevent gingivitis & mouth inflammation. A memory booster & can help you concentrate more.

Cilantro: Reduce feelings of nausea. Anti-inflammatory capacities. Good source of iron, magnesium. Helpful in fighting anemia. Promotes healthy liver function. Has been shown to reduce menstrual cramping.

My mini garden features some Greek oregano, parsley, spearmint, cilantro & thyme!

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