The Yoga Spot of Invasion

Today I went to my favorite morning class at the Bikram Studio – the teacher Brent is great! He doesn’t have you stand in the poses for a minute and a half, but he does give you pointers & make you give each pose 110%. He is a tough instructor but still yet efficient and very knowledgeable about yoga & Bikram. He share the various techniques of how to get into the postures correct and the benefits of what we are trying to accomplish every time we got to class.

The funny thing is when I went to class today – every time since I started in January – I found this special spot in the yoga studio, which has become “mine”. It is actually by the 3rd window from the left, just by the window if you look at the below picture. When I get to class – if someone would have taken the spot, I get confused, and even a little anxious at times. I feel lost. It is soo weird, it is just a spot in a studio, which is not mine but for some reason I have taken ownership of that spot.

Today a lady had almost taken my spot, there was this very tight room left close to the window. At first I put my yoga mat next to her on the other side, but quickly moved it to “my” spot….but then I realized that I had invaded on her space. And apologized, but it looked like she didn’t mind, so I stayed.

Now when I think about it afterwards, I should probably start to get used to the studio a bit more and try different spots and just work on my “comfort” zone a bit…which will be my new Bikram Yoga project.

Do you have a favorite spot in your studio? Do you feel that someone invaded on your space, if your spot has been taken?

Feeling Delighted from my Sunday Yoga Class! Such a emotional & physical detox!

My "spot" is by the 3rd window from the left side....

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