Day 16 out of Infinity – Busy Tuesday

Yesterday I didn’t go to my Ashtanga class because in the morning I got a last minute request for the company I am a partner in – to provide a potential vendor/client some video clips etc for a presentation. So when the heat gets around my feet – when I am overly blasted with work {also due to procrastination – which is another trait that I am working on} I move myself from my office to the kitchen table. It gives me more space and air to just throw things around just get things done.

In the evening my Japanese healer friend Noriko came over and she had prepared a homemade “Hawaii” pizza with pineapple, basil and ham, it was delicious! {I wish I had taken a picture of it for you} & she gave me a treatment of “cracks”. At times she cracks me to get all my ligaments & bones straight and it is awesome. Now I am not tense in my shoulders anymore & my back is not as tight.

Today will be a busy Tuesday as well – still have a long way to go to get the things off of my list. At times I wish we had more time on a day & energy so that we could do everything we would like to do – but I guess then we might not enjoy the little things we enjoy & love soo much, if we got to do it all the time – things like yoga!

Namaste to you on this busy Tuesday & keep your finger that the presentation will go well!

My little office space & where I get to see a little portion of Diamond Head through my window.

My kitchen table & busy as a bee.



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