Day 15 out of Infinity – Yoga Shakes while Working.

Yesterday after my Bikram class I got company from a friend I haven’t seen for a while. So we decided to go & eat at our favorite restaurant {which of course is Indian} The food was delicious as always & it was a lot of fun to see my visiting friend again.

Today I have a lot of to-do’s on my schedule since I have had several post-yoga-CRASHES the past few days {I still haven’t been able to find the magic formula}…those daily naps are wonderful! But they don’t get the work done….so today I might take the day off….it all depends on what happens when the clock starts to tick around 11:00 – and if I get the yoga shakes of needing to release all the tension from all the work load that I have in front of me.

Tihi…I am starting to sound like a yoga addict rather than a yoga soul…

…but…back I now need to go to refocus myself with the third “work” eye.


Favorite restaurant – Monsoon – Indian Tandoori Shrimp

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