Day 14 out of Infinity – A Moment of Sunday Chai.

So, since I started having a #Chai tea craving – I decided to fix the solution of cost. I am now working on getting the most tastiest Chai tea to replace my Starbucks Chai tea addiction since it cost an arm and a leg to buy it.

On top of it – the other day I read from another blogger Lisa BeWell who is blogging about her food-stamp challenge that the average person who benefits from food stamps get about $4 of stamp per day – an average of $28 to $30 a week. Right when I read it I had just bought my Chai tea from Starbucks. I had just sipped up a person’s daily food supply in 30 minutes, which made me feel horrible.

So today – we actually got some rain on the little island of Oahu and I made some tea myself & it tasted delicious – almost the same as Starbucks. Plus my Bikram practice today was excellent – I do believe that the practice have a lot to do with the teacher you have – and today the teacher and the tea was excellent!

A Moment of #Chai.

Had to share – Yoko taught me the right form in the head stand the other day – so now I got my head stand going!! It’s all about the bandha.

5 thoughts on “Day 14 out of Infinity – A Moment of Sunday Chai.

  1. You’re right, prices at Starbucks are insane! And they don’t brew the chai the traditional way, using sugary syrup instead of the proper thing. I love the tea from T2, an Aussie company, or (if I’m lazy) the yogi tea bags. I’m sure you’ll find your favourite chai and won’t ever look back! 🙂

    PS: congrats on the headstand, looks amazingly straight!

  2. I haven’t seen any of the T2 bags nor the Yogi Tea bags on the island….I am going to go and check at Whole Foods on my next visit. We have a small indian grocery store that I figured I would go and visit too – need some incense and curry things and I wanted to get some authentic chai tea:)

    I have tried a few brands even the Oregon Chai (not recommended at all)….now I am drinking the Tazo Chai tea – a bit too spicy…..

    And thank you for the headstand congrats:) I got the form correct in a few of my postures and totally off in the rest of the poses:) – my arms are hyper extended so they look a bit funky at times….the above headstand turned out really good & I even felt that I “got” it.

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