Day 7 out of 7 – Bikram Sunday

Today is the last day of my 7 day Yoga Challenge – however, I am thinking about continuing it to see how long I can last for. So I guess I am making a unofficial Yoga Challenge with a “infinity” count of days:). I will be mixing Bikram with Ashtanga together with my own yoga workout that I do from home – at home I do a mixture of Ashtanga & Bikram but without the heat.

Throughout this week – my technique has gotten a little bit better. I wish that my Bikram class would help me with the technique as my Ashtanga class does. I love Bikram but sometimes I know that my technique is off – and I would have loved to have someone show me the right way, which would help me both with improving my form and also help preventing any injuries – other than that I love it!

Tomorrow it will be Ashtanga class with Yoko again – to get my technique back. But my standing bow pose has totally got better – but only on one side…I will show you my two leg differences during this upcoming week.

Now I am going to enjoy my Sunday Brunch Swedish pancakes I just made.

Namaste to you on this beautiful Sunday!

On my way to yoga class!

This is the studio I go to – Bikram Yoga Studio in  (Kaimuki) Honolulu, Hawaii.

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