Day 4 out of 7 – Mind on Overload.

Head to Knee Pose. On my first day I couldn’t touch my feet – Now I can!

In my previous post I mentioned that anything can be accomplished if you just put your mind to it, which I totally believe in!

However, at times I have a tendency to freeze. I think the freezing happens when I want to accomplish something too much or when I am overloaded.

I am a bit of a perfectionist – which is the reason for why I choose to start myself with just a 7 day yoga challenge. I didn’t want to overload myself and not be able to maintain my goal. I think we all make mistakes by overloading ourselves. However, a dream I just got not too long ago is to one day, {some day} – be able to wake up and do yoga in front of my husband sleeping in the morning like the Equinox trailer {what at talent she is & what a beautifully filmed trailer}. I want to be able to do the headstand perfectly when doing Ashtanga series without having to put my feet against the wall for support.

But I still need to remember that I do have a long way to go – and not to overload myself and still yet enjoy the progress I am making for each day I go to my yoga class. Maybe one day I will be able to wake up in the morning and do the yoga sequence like the woman in the Equinox video {when the time is right}.

All I need to remember is to stop putting my mind on overload..



One thought on “Day 4 out of 7 – Mind on Overload.

  1. Yoga will definitely help you to make peace with the perfectionist trait 🙂 It’s a great trait and its a little booger. I am the same..I have been trying to master a handstand for about 2 years now. Lately, I’ve learned to let go of the ‘goal’ and just enjoy the flying 🙂 ironically enough, my handstands have been kicking ass since I let go! keep up the good work! I like the idea of starting with a 7 day challenge..then you can work your up to a 30 day challenge one day. i have held them at my studio and my students loved it!

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